Why you should switch/use Linux?

Why you should switch/use Linux?

1. Used on nearly every server:

-Linux is used on more than 70% of the servers.

-Even Microsoft uses it for Azure.

-No matter which tech stack you are using, you need to have knowledge of deploying your projects on the cloud.

2. Powerful Terminal:

-This is my favorite thing in Linux.

-Just two to three commands and boom you can install and work with so many things.

-You will always feel half confident without the knowledge of basic terminal commands, no matter whatever you are doing in development.

3. You need to solve your own problems:

-As a developer, you should be a problem solver.

-When you use Linux every day you come across so many problems and you will learn a lot while solving them(I think only Linux users will relate to this.)

4. Open source and free:

-Open-source systems are in a boom, many big companies build their products on open source.

-Entire Linux code is present on GitHub you can download it and customize & tweak it as you want without spending a single penny.

5. Security:

-Your data get shared only if you want to share.

-Its security is its power and that's why it used on nearly all servers.

-Every web technology stands on the shoulders of stability and security.