What is Programming? : Computers and Instructions

What is Programming? : Computers and Instructions

Beginners often get surprised when they understand how much fun it is to do Programming...

Programming a computer is nothing but giving it instructions in a way that it will perform certain tasks. This task can be any task which you can imagine maybe adding 2 numbers or landing rover on the mars.

Whatever we do with computers is programmed by someone to make it possible to do it with a single click. When you make an online payment number of lines of codes get executed on computers and your transaction gets done.

But now let's take a small example to understand this,

Consider a RoboX who wants to reach from location S to destination E.

Here we have so many ways to reach there but we choose the way as given in the following figure.


In the instructions, we said first go Right and then Down and again Right and again Down and so on... & finally, our RoboX reaches his destination E.

If you observed one thing all the instructions are executed in the sequence,

RoboX first moved Right and then Down, he followed the path sequentially as given in the instructions.

Giving such instructions in sequence to do a certain task in nothing but the Programming.

See how fun it is to do the programming.

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